20 Awesome activities for your sleepover

Unsure about how to entertain your guests for your upcoming sleepover? No problem! We are here to help! We have helped plan hundreds of parties and we know all of the coolest activities that will keep the kids entertained during your fun filled event! We also have a few suggestions that will help your glamping party organized and memorable for you and all of your guests. So whip out your popcorn and lets get this sleepover party planning started!

1.) Sweet dreams SLEEPOVER PARTY RENTALS will add all of the spice you need

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As the host, you will be responsible for creating a comfortable atmosphere for all of your guests and also making sure the parents of the children are comfortable as well. No matter where you live (as long as you are based in the US of course), Sweet Dreams Party Rentals can ship our sleepover party rentals straight to your front door! We have different party package options that compliments any budget size. Give the party moms and dads a sigh of relief when they see that their kids have a unique space to sleep and all of the fun they will have! Visit our home page today and Book Your Sleepover Now.

And here's a tip: We highly recommend a few extras that will really help with party planning when you are limited on space for all of your guests. If you are needing to move the dining room table or don't have enough stools for your kitchen bar area, we highly recommend utilizing our folding breakfast trays. They are awesome for an activity tray, eating, coloring, etc.



Hosting a movie marathon could be the best way to entertain your guests. Choose movies with a similar theme or a new movie that just came out. For example, our guests watched Disneys Zombies 1 and Zombies 2 when it first came out. Most of our guests hadn't watched the movie yet and were so excited to finally watch the new movie.


As the host, you will be in charge of creating not only a comfortable space but also providing DELICIOUS FOODS! There are so many creative ways to create beautiful Pinterest worthy popcorn based on your theme. Our all-time favorite is the Unicorn Popcorn. Here are a few of our Pinterest faves that are super easy, super yummy, and of course super cute for pictures!

Unicorn Popcorn Recipe

Rainbow Waffers

Rainbow Rice Krispie Treats

Magical Ice Cream

Unicorn Cupcakes


Gather a few fabric markers from your local arts and craft store and let your guests get as creative as they like! You can purchase a few pillows and pillowcases on Amazon or at your local Walmart at a great and affordable price!


This one is self-explanatory! Do you see this diva? Whip out the camera and record this fun filled show!