Frequently asked questions

So how does Ship My Sleepover Party work?

So glad you asked! So once you filled out our Booking Form, signed the contract and paid for the retainer posted below the form, (the final payment is not due until 14 days before your reserved party date). Once we have received your final payment we will send you an All You Need To Know email that will be listing the details of your shipment, such as when your package will be shipped, tracking numbers, return options, set up instructions, supplies, and policy information. You will receive your party packages at least one day before your event to esure on time delivery, and you will then be able to set up and decorate your sleepover party. (All instructions will be included in your package). When you party is over you can repackage your party items in the original packaging and we will have a mail service pick up the packages the following Monday after your event! That is all! If you have any additional questions, keep reading, or contact us at 717-489-2190 or

Do I have to pay for shipping? Is this the roundtrip shipping fee? Will I have to pay for shipping on top of this?

Sweet Dreams Party Rentals adds on a flat rate roundtrip shipping to every invoice. This flat rate shipping fee is not included in your party package. Any additional amount due to ship your package roundtrip, our company will handle (not including rush delivery). A party rep will be able to assist you with an estimated quote after you complete your Booking Form. We will charge an additional fee for special requests regarding shipping. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Will I have to set these tents up myself? What supplies do I need?

Yes, all of our Ship My Party tent rentals require the adult to set up and take down. We also include an instruction manual. The tents do not come shipped assembled, unless requested (this request can be costly, please contact your Party Rep for more information). We recommend that you have at least 2 to 3 people helping with setting up depending on the number of guests you have. The tents are very easy to assemble, but having an extra person or two assist you makes it ten times easier and faster! The only supplies you will need is a rubber mallet (rubber hammer), air pump, chalk, bundling twine (for hard floors) and duck tape/shipping tape to retape the boxes. Now that we have our Ship My Party service we no longer travel outside of our area unless it is a party of 25+. For parties that are 20+, please contact a Sweet Dreams Party Rep for additional details.

How do I return the items?

We will set you up with a scheduled pickup at your event residence. This service is included in your flat rate roundtrip shipping fee (additonal info and fee is required if it is being picked up from a business). All you have to do is follow the instructions to place everything back in the box correctly.

What if my return is late?

If your return is late, you will be subject to an automated $75 fee every day until it is returned back to the business. If we do not receive a tracking number within 7 days, you will be subject to paying 200% of the retail value of the tents and all supplies included in your package.

What happens if it isn't returned?

If the item isn't returned, the customer will have to pay 200% the full retail price to replace the items that you received in addition to the maximum 7 day late fees.

What happens if the package(s) get lost in the mail?

If the shipment has already received a tracking number and we do not receive the package(s), you will not be subject to any fees. We have insurance with the shipping company and will retrieve the cost of the shipped items through them ourselves. If you do not receive your shipment in the mail due to the package being lost, we will refund you 100% of your payment and/or offer to reschedule your next event. We do not refund packages that have been tracked as delivered. It is the customers responsibility to be home when packages are delivered. If the customer wants to pick up their package at a local UPS center, please contact your Party Rep to set up this service.

What if the items are damaged?

We expect wear and tear on our sleepover items but things such as broken tents, missing items, ripped fabric, ripped mattresses, etc. our clients will be subject to replacing 200% of its retail value if it is lost, or damaged. It is very important that you repackage the items in the same way that we shipped them to you. This includes securely taping the boxes when it is returned. Failure to comply will result in you paying a 200% retail value fee for the damaged item(s). If your items are damaged during shipping transit, please submit a claim with the mail carrier. All of our shipments have at least a $100 insurance on the package.

What if my Ship My Party Sleepover is in 7 days or less?

We charge a $100+ Last Minute fee for all Ship My Party Sleepovers that are booked within 7 days or less before shipping your packages (this price depends on the quantity of guests). We have a large number of orders every week and it takes a lot of time to prepare these orders as accurately and effectively as possible. Any last minute orders will be subject to a $100+ Last Minute Fee depending on our shipping transit times and turn over time from the time your order has been paid. For parties of over 10 guests, this fee is $200+. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

What are the dimensions of the tents?

The dimensions of each tent are approximately 48 inches long x 3-4 ft wide x 4 ft high.

You are able to arrange the tents in many different ways to make them fit. If you are unsure, please let us know the space dimensions available and we can figure out how they will fit in your space. We request that furniture is removed prior to assembly. Please be reminded that if you are having the tents face towards each other, there needs to be enough room to walk in the middle of the room for guests to access their tents (at least 1-2 feet).

When should I make my payment? Which payment methods are accepted?

We recommend that all of our party moms/dads make a payment as soon as you are certain that you would like to have a sleepover event. We fill up fast on specific popular birthday months. If you plan on waiting until after you receive the exact head count, please be advised that we allow guest count changes, party theme changes, date changes, as long as we receive a heads up 14 days before your event. We require the retainer (non-refundable down payment) up front. The final payment is not due until 14 days before the event. We accept credit card payments only through the proposal that we email customers after they fill out our Booking Form. We only accept bank transfers for parties that are booked with a business or non-profit organization at least 1 month before the event, to ensure that the payment has been processed. If you have any further questions on our payment process, please contact a sleepover party rep.